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What if you could…

Develop sophisticated email marketing campaigns without having to rely on outside help or an IT investment? Dynamically generate and deliver personalized emails based on your customers’ preferences?

Leverage your email marketing technology and existing customers to quickly add more subscribers to your opt-in lists?

Analyze the results of your email marketing campaigns in real-time, as opposed to waiting for someone to run a report for you? Create and embed custom surveys in your emails to capture additional customer information?

You can with eMail Marketing Solutions


  • Personalization for increased response
  • Tracking to measure campaigns easily for deliverability, opens, click-through response and more
  • Web server-based system puts you in control from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • 100% compliant with the CAN-SPAM laws
  • Intelligent subscriber management handles opt-outs and double opt-ins with ease
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