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Many people Ask us:-

  • I have completed my studies. Now, I need a job. What should I do?
  • We set your milestones with S4U
  • I have applied to 100 places and interviewed to 35 companies, but NO SUCCESS. Everyone says “We’ll let you know later” and later nothing happens. What will you recommend?
  • I’ve got a job, but they are not paying me as per my qualification and experience. Should I apply for another job?
  • Can I really make handsome money from the Internet and HOW?

It is time to find out. Everyone knows the situation of the JOB MARKET and Unemployment ratio in Pakistan. I recommend them to STOP FINDING JOBS.

Stop worrying for a 9 – 5 job.Instead, start working for your own Internet Business.Convert your skills into a business, online business.

Guidance ,Training & Consultancy:-

We have written and compiled the first no-hype, step-by-step GUIDE to make handsome money from the Internet especially in Pakistan and also provide Training & Consultancy to start Internet Business.

Millionaire Overnight :-

You may have seen or tried many web sites that offer “Become Millionaire Overnight” schemes, but they do not actually work. It is NOT a simple task to make handsome money on the Internet; it needs some efforts first. This GUIDE will be different from what you may be used to. It will show you exactly how you will be able to literally make handsome money from the Internet.

Internet Revolution:-

The Internet revolution has created more millionaires than any other event in the world… Did you know that of the top 40 richest men in the world under the age of 50, over 60% of them are involved in an Internet business, 25% are in a computer-related business, and 15% are others.

e-GURU, is the first Pakistan company that guides you how to make money using your skills, expertise & experience. It helps you to convert your skills and experience into a business, online business.

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