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One Time SEO Service

We are excited to offer a one time on-page search engine optimization service for websites.
This SEO service includes search engine optimization for your entire website, and the best part is no monthly contract is required.

This service is extensive, critical, and absolutely necessary if you want to move up the search engines. If you do not do the SEO activity, please have someone do all of the below services, so that your site can take full advantage of it’s potential.

We do everything mentioned in our Search Engine Optimization page, plus a few other things since you probably have an existing site, which we didn’t design.
As this service is so comprehensive, we will only briefly cover the details here.
For more detailed information you can contact us and one of our representatives will help answer your questions.

For existing websites, we have to start at square one. Just like if we were designing a new website. What is square one? Good question.
The first step in search engine optimization is to understand what you are optimizing for.

For example: are your potential customers seeking information about a product and then they come to your retail store or office. Maybe are they planning on actually buying online?
Is your website set up in order to allow search engines to properly index the site?
Are the search terms people would use to find your site in your meta tags, heading tags, and page content?
Do you know what the most searched terms are?

Internet Promotion is the final thing we look at. We have experience with nearly every conceivable internet marketing tool available and we’ll take a look at your product/service and determine a good path for you to follow.

Internet Promotion varies greatly in both how it’s done, and the cost of doing it. We’ll explain all the nuts and bolts of it so that you can make an educated decision on how to move forward. We’ll even give you a spreadsheet showing the cost of advertising your keywords across the major marketing sites.

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