What is Webuzu:

Webuzo is also a great product of Softaculous house. It has been designed for Virtual Private Server (VPS), dedicated server as a control panel for a single user.

It comes with all the 451 scripts of Softaculous.

The Virtual Appliance is actually a Virtual Machine which is used to run an isolated application without installing it on the operating system of the server.

This Virtual Appliance can also be used to launch Wiki, stack for PHP, MySQL Development, and Java etc. It also helps you to install Apps on your server with just a click of the mouse. Webuzo helps you to keep focusing and using the apps rather than maintaining them.

Webuzu Management:

With almost all the features of a powerful control panel, Webuzo Control Panel is considered one of the easiest control panels for Virtual Private Server (VPS).

It can be easily installed on any VPS and also compatible with any virtual server powered by Xen PV, HVM, Linux KVM.

You can create your own templates on the Webuzo Control Panel as well. Webuzo Application Manager also simplifies the development and deployment of applications on your server with the great features of FTP user management, Database management with MySQL and Rockmongo, DNS Zone Management and a lot of security management features.

Webuzo Control Panel serves as a complete solution to VPS management.

Webuzo VPS Basic Packages

Package Disk Space RAM Cores Bandwidth Monthly Price
WZO_VPS – 01 30GB SDD 2GB 1 1TB USD 15
WZO_VPS – 02 60GB SDD 4GB 2 2TB USD 24.5
WZO_VPS – 03 120GB SDD 8GB 4 4TB USD 36
WZO_VPS – 04 180GB SDD 12GB 6 6TB USD 49
WZO_VPS – 05 240GB SDD 16GB 8 8TB USD 86

  NOTE:: the price may vary due to dollar fluctuation

Core Features of Webuzo VPS;
Technology Virtuozzo
Control Panel Webuzo
Fully Managed Yes ( start from WZO_VPS – 03plan)
e-Mail Server Included
MySQL Databases Included
Network Monitoring Included
Firewall Included
Free IP 1
Network Up Time 99.9%
Free weekly Backup Snapshot backup included free
VPS Features – We can make a Difference……
High Performance Storage 99.9% Uptime Gurantee 24/7 Support
Redundant Storage Instant Root Access Raid10 protected servers
Rebootless Updates DNS manager Cluster DNS
Gigabit Network Uptime Monitoring Fully Managed
Optional Addons / Extras
Imunify360 – Single Account :: USD 8 / M
Imunify360 – Up to 30 Accounts :: USD 12 / M
Imunify360 – Up to 250 Accounts :: USD 16 / M
ImunifyAV+ :: USD 7 /M
Server Management
Our VPS are fully Managed. But we only manage what we install.
For Instance,if you order a VPS with no control panel we only manage the operating system. We will support any operating system related problems you may run into. Such as boot up issues, security updates, patches, reinstalls, and so on. If your server is purchased with a control panel such as cPanel. We will support any software that is installed by the control panel. Such as the control panel itself, web server, ftp, mail, and so on. We will not support any 3rd party software such as blogs, scripts, and forums.
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