cPanel Price Increase And Alternative Control Panel

On July 2nd, 2019 cPanel announced a massive pricing increase that will apply to all partners. They are claiming that pricing has not changed in 20 years and that a price increase is long overdue. It saddens us how disconnected Oakley Capitol (the new owners of cPanel, Plesk and WHMCS) is from the ever changing landscape of the hosting industry. They are correct with today’s hardware web hosts are able to allocate more accounts per server. 

The hosting industry is very competitive. Unfortunately, there has not been enough competition for control panels such as cPanel or Plesk in order to keep them in line. With the switch to virtualization products such as VPS, cPanel should have a windfall of additional revenue and customers coming in. Unfortunately they never changed with the times. They never focused on a cloud based software package, in addition they never caught onto the WordPress movement and let hosting companies with internally developed control panels with customized features for WordPress that include staging and live environments gain momentum. These tools alone outpace cPanel focused providers such as YISolutions.

It’s a shame that cPanel a company we heavily relied upon, has failed in so many ways and now in order to offset declining revenue they are proposing a price structure that will result in upwards of an 800% increase for some of our customers. It’s hard to process how that decision can be deemed a strategic business move.

Current cPanel Prices

Dedicated Servers $25 per month | VPS $15.00 per month

New cPanel Prices

Package Name: Solo
Accounts: 1
$15 per month

Package Name: Admin
Max Accounts: 5
$20 per month

Package Name: Pro
Max Accounts: 30
VPS/Cloud Only
$30 per month

Package Name: Premier
Max Accounts: 100
$45.00 per month
Cost per account over 100: $.20

cPanel Pricing

External License prices have not been set but we are considering matching the prices listed inside the cPanel Store.

The price increase is scheduled for January 1st, 2020.

Below we have outlined cPanel alternative control panel, that we can use  to host your sites.

Direct Admin:

The DirectAdmin control panel provides three levels of access: Admin, user, and reseller. While DirectAdmin may not have the abundance of features that we have come to expect from cPanel, it does provide an equally satisfying user experience and is definitely worth trying it out.


  • We are migrating our control panel from cPanel to Direct Admin.
  • YISolutions provides DirectAdmin panel (FREE) with New/any Web hosting.
  • If any customer wants cPanel instead of Direct Admin they can buy cPanel License with Cloud shared hosting package