How to access webmail in DA

DirectAdmin on our servers come provisioned with one webmail application: RoundCube. Being able to access your webmail whenever necessary is important in case you’re not able to check your email on your preferred device! As long as your server is online, webmail will always be accessible!

This guide is written with the steps of accessing webmail for DirectAdmin

We hope this guide helps you.

As always, if you ever require assistance – please reach out to us.

Accessing Webmail

RoundCube is the only webmail client we provision with our new DirectAdmin servers – SquirrelMail is available to be built, but it also hasn’t had major updates since 2013.

In order to access webmail there are two methods to do so.

  • Through DirectAdmin Panel
  • URL Direct (To access directly; it would be https://{}/webmail)

To access through the panel, you’ll need to login to your DirectAdmin user through the DirectAdmin Panel -– or if you’re the Administrator, you can drop in through the admin user to the account you want to access webmail.

Once logged in you’ll want to go to Extra Features → Webmail: Roundcube

Evolution – Default:


Evolution – Icon:


You’ll be directed to the RoundCube login form where you’ll enter your login credentials: You should use the full username of the email address ( and the email account’s password.

Click “Login” and you are now logged into your webmail.

We hope this guide has been straight-forward and helpful.