How to Block the Traffic from a Particular Country in ISP Manager?

Firewall in ISP Manager is a software system that is configured on the server to deny/allow services based on a specified rule. The rule defines which services will be allowed through the firewall and which one should be avoided. The firewall module is used to handle the network connections and also create Firewall rules to accept or deny connections. There is an option in ISP Manager firewall to filter the requests coming from a particular country. In this tutorial, we are going to discuss how we can block a countries request in the ISP Manager Control Panel.

1) Login into the ISP manager.

2) Click on “Firewall” under the “Cluster Settings”.

3) Click on “Countries” which will lead to another page in which it will list all the countries.

4) In this page, you can see all the countries listed with their country code. You can select any country you would like to block the traffic and then click on “Block” as shown in the screenshot.

5)Click on “OK” to confirm your request.

6) Now you have blocked the traffic from the particular country you have selected. The glowing bulb means the traffic is blocked and the off bulb means the traffic is unblocked. This page shows which all countries traffic is blocked on the ISP manager control panel by looking at the status of the bulb symbol.

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