How To Create MySQL Database In cPanel

Almost all web software require a database to operate and one of the most popular RDMS (Relational Database Management Software) is MySQL. A web server is pre-installed with LAMP, but if yours do not, you can refer to our earlier tutorials on how to install LAMP on your server for CentOS and Ubuntu.


1) Login into your server’s cPanel main page and look for “Databases”.



2) Click on “MySQL Database Wizard”, a guided process to assist you with the process of creating a new database.



3) Give your new database a name and click “Next Step” when you are done.



4) You now have to create a new user for the database. Your username can be the same name as your database. It is advisable to create a password using “Password Generator” as a complex password will safeguard and reduce the risk of your database being hacked and compromised. Next, click “Create User”.



5) Remember to assign all privileges to your newly created user and click “Next Step”.



6) Your new database and user are now created and ready to be used.