How to Generate CSR in Webuzo

CSR Generation : Webuzo


This page will help you in Creating Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for your domain.

Navigate to CSR

Navigate to the Certificate Signing Request menu under the Security section in the Webuzo Enduser Panel. User-added image


You must have Private Key for the Domain for which you want to create the Certificate Signing Request (CSR).

Populate the details for creating the Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

Note : Certificate Signing Request (CSR) can be created without Pass Phrase as well.


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Click on Create Button to Create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR).

Required Inputs

  • Domain – Specify the domain for which the Certificate Signing Request(CSR) is to be created.
  • Country Code – 2 letter abbreviation e.g. US or IN.
  • State – Name of the State or Province.
  • Locality – Name of the City or Town.
  • Company Name – Name of your Company or Organisation.
  • Company Branch – Name of the Organisation branch or Division.
  • Email Address – Specify the email address to be assigned to the Certificate Signing Request(CSR).
  • Pass Phrase – Pass Phrase is similar to a PASSWORD.