How to Turn Off/On Windows Firewall

Windows firewall is a Microsoft application which provides firewalling and packet filtering functions., which means it can block harmful programs coming from the internet to your system. Users can add the allowed programs in the firewall. It can also block the unsolicited attempts so that you can secure your system. Enabling or Disabling firewall might make your device more vulnerable to unauthorized access.

1) Open your PC.

2) Click “Start” button.

3) Search for “Apps” and click “Control Panel”.

Windows Firewall

4) Click on “Windows Firewall”.

Turn off firewall


5) Click “Turn Windows Firewall on or off”.

Turn off firewall


6) In the Customize Settings window, Choose the “Turn Off Windows Firewall” radio for disabling the firewall and select the “Turn On Windows Firewall” radio button for enabling the firewall. Click the button “Ok” for update the changes.

Turn off firewall