Importance of Re-marketing in Pakistan !!!

Importance of Re-marketing in Pakistan !!!

Remarketing is usually defined as making a visitor re-visit your website and brand it with them using retargeting Pay per click advertisement.

A recent study says that a visitor who is returning to visit your website is more likely to make a purchase as compared to the first time visitors. Remarketing is a powerful tool to increase the ROI of your eCommerce website at a much greater rate than the generic marketing advertisements.

Why Re-marketing is Important !!!

Stay Engaged with Your Target Audience

96% of visitors leave without converting and 49% of visitors browse a site 2-4 times before they make a purchase.

Don’t let your valuable customers go! Remarketing helps you to follow a user from site to site to re-engage your customers and lead them back to your site.

Increase Brand Awareness

43% of companies use remarketing for online brand awareness and recognition.

With remarketing you’ll be able to establish brand awareness in the early stage of the purchase process and become the authority on your product. Establishing this authority with visitors early should bring your customers back when they are ready to purchase.

Increase Brand Awareness

56% of companies use remarketing to gain customers. Remarketing helps you to regain visitors by showing them advertisements in other places such as news website, blogs and article.

Remarketing ads allow you to create custom messages which attract visitors to revisit your website and complete a purchase.

How many times your potential customers see your ad is very important when they are ready to purchase. People coming back to your site for a second, third or fourth time are more likely to buy, because they have already seen your websites, so your products or services are more familiar to them.

Attract your Competitors’ Customers

11% of companies use remarketing to target your competitors’ customers.

With remarketing, your ads pop up on a customer’s browser after they have visited your website or search for a particular keyword. That means you can target people who’ve visited websites that are highly related to your product including your competitors.

Great marketing strategies help you reach your target audience and boost your customer base.

Remarketing is your solution to reach your target audience,

increase conversion rates and improve your bottom line.

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