Install Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate on Direct Admin

In this documentation explains how to install free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for domains on DirectAdmin.

1. Login to your DirectAdmin panel.

2. Select the domain you wish to install SSL on DirectAdmin.

3. Enable SSL for the domain.

  •  Enable SSL for the domain from Domain setup.

                     Home >> Account Manager >> Domain Setup

  • Click on the domain name where SSL to be installed and enable Secure SSL

Now we can install SSL for the domain.

4. Under Account Manager, go to SSL Certificates.

5. Now, click on the option Get automatic certificate from ACME Provider

6. Select the domains and subdomains you wish to install SSL and click on Save.

**You need to make sure that all the domains and subdomains you wish to install are pointing to server IP

7. You will get following message once the SSL is successfully installed.