Managed Cloud Hosting & Re-Designed Website for UPSP – Sindh Govt.


YISolutions, an IT Managed Services Cyber Security Solution company based in Karachi, Pakistan, is proud to announce that once again Directorate of Urban Policy & Strategy Planning has selected YISolutions as their Managed Cloud Hosting Services along with SSL Certificate for website security.

This is the Sixth Consecutive Year, our Managed Cloud Hosting selected by Directorate of Urban Policy & Strategy Planning

YISolutions, is also is pleased to announce, this year -2021, UPSP selected us to re-designed their content management-based website.


Services provided to UPSP;

  1. Managed Cloud Hosting Services
  2. Managed Cloud eMail Services
  3. Managed Cloud MailChannels Services
  4. Domain Management Services
  5. Implementation SSL Certificate 
  6. Management of SSL
  7. Ensure Compliance
  8. Analyze the “old” website
  9. Adding more functionality to a website
  10. Adopt to modern Technology
  11. Start building the website re-design  plan


New Website is here –



Being cognizant of the role of cities as engines of growth, Government of Sindh has established the Directorate of Urban Policy and Strategic Planning (UP&SP) in the Planning and Development Department, with the mandate to plan for sustainable urban development in the province to realize the objectives of economic growth, planned infrastructure development – dictated by a strong policy and regulatory regime and to  also address inequities caused by intra-urban and regional disparities.

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