Migrate Email Accounts from Zoho to cPanel

Migrate Email Accounts from Zoho to cPanel

  • If you have IMAP in Zoho account, we can migrate emails via IMAP copy. To do this we need following details.
  • IMAP server name(Zoho).
  • Zoho username and Zoho user account password.
  • new cPanel email address and password.
  • We have noticed that Zoho does not provide IMAP for some accounts. In this case, we can import email via webmail. For this, first needs to take backup of the Zoho accounts.

1) Log in to the control panel as an admin user

2) Then select ” Export Mail Accounts” under Mail Administration.

3)Select the option “Entire Account” and click the button “Begin Export”.

4)Each account’s download backup link will create once the export process is completed. From there, you can download email backups of each account.

Import Emails to a new email account.

1) Login to cPanel >> Emails >> Email Accounts.

2) Go to “Access Webmail”.

3) Select ” Round cube”.

4) Then click “Import Message”.

5) Then select the backup file which exported from Zoho.

Now the email accounts are successfully migrated to your cPanel account