OS Up-gradate our  server that is ssd-servers.net

In order to provide you with the best service, we plan to upgrade one of our  server that is ssd-servers.net . This move will allow us to update system resources and prevent potential hardware and software issues in the future.

Important details:

– Update date: November 22
– Operating System Change: From CentOS 7 to Rocky Linux 8

Why are we changing the operating system?
Switching from CentOS 7 to Rocky Linux 8 is an important step in improving the security, performance, and stability of our services. Rocky Linux 8 offers improved resource management features, updated security patches, and broader software package support.

PHP Versions: The new server will support PHP versions from 7.2 and above.
Please make sure that your websites are compatible with PHP 7.2 or a newer version and update them if necessary.

If you have any additional questions or needs, please do not hesitate to contact us: