Google Webmaster Tools for Malware Removal

How to use Google Webmaster Tools for Malware 

In this documentation, we can check how to use Google webmaster tools (Google Search Console) for malware removal & review.

Malware is a malicious code or software which may tends to redirect unsuspecting users away from a compromised site to a website that might host a phishing page. There are several types of malwares and nowadays many are suffering from malware attacks. We can safely remove this malware attack by following the Google recommendations. Once Google detects that your site is hacked, it’ll show the warning page as shown below.

Malware removal from website

If your site has been hacked, please do the following Google recommendation.

1) Quarantine the site.

2) Diagnose the issue.

3) Clean up the site.

4) Ask Google to review.


Quarantine the site

The important action which you have to do once Google detects that your site has been hacked is to take your site down. So we can prevent hackers from abusing the system. Next important step is to contact InterServer Support Team and ask them to take some prevention method to safe other sites they hosted. Also make sure to change all accounts and users passwords.


Diagnose the issue

Once you have completed the action to prevent the site from infecting, then identify the reason why your site has been hacked. You can do the following steps.

a) Scan your site. You can use any scanning method and check the detected malware codes.

b) Visit the Google Safe Browsing diagnostics page to get information about what Google’s automatic scanners have found. You can use the following link.

c) Check the malware page in search console to lists the sample URLs from the site has been identified as containing infected codes.

d) Use the URL removal tool to request removal of infected pages.

e) Check the recommendation on dealing with infected sites.


Clean up the site

Next step is to clean up the spam contented, newly added pages, suspicious codes identified by scanners. Also you can delete all site contents if you have the good backups and restore the site using that backup.


Request Google to Review

Once you have completely cleaned your sites, you can request Google to review the site. Google will check your site and will remove the warning label within 24 hours if no malware found. Please note that you should inform Google that you are aware of the issue and have taken necessary actions to prevent this. Then Google puts your site on priority list, so that it should be scanned within 24 hours.