Schedule Automatic Backup in Plesk

In Plesk control panel, there is an option to take the full back of the server automatically. We can setup the backup according to the backup periods available. Mainly three backup period options are available in the Plesk control panel and they are daily, weekly and monthly.  In this documentation, we are going to discuss about how to schedule automatic backup on Plesk Control Panel.

1) Login to Plesk Control Panel.

2)  Select “Tools & Settings” option from the left of the page.

3) Choose “Backup Manager” option under the “Tools & Resources” category.

4) From this page, click on the option “Scheduled Backup Settings” for setting up the automatic backup setup.

5) From this page, we can configure the backup setup. You can see the important options available in backup configurations from this attached image.

Activate the backup task: If you want to start generating backups immediately, then you need to mark the option” Activate the backup task”

Run this backup task: Select how often you want to create a backup (daily, weekly, or monthly) and also specify the time for the backup process.

Use incremental backup: If you want to create an incremental backup, check the box next to Use incremental backup. This option will allow the system to backs up the data that has changed since the time of the last backup.

Perform full backup:  Here, we need to specify how often a complete backup should be performed.

Keep backup files for:  We need to enter the duration of time you would like to store the backup files. If you do not want full backups to be deleted automatically, leave this box empty.

Back up: We need to specify which data would like to back up.

Store in:   Here, we need to choose the desired storage location for backups.

If you want to receive e-mail notification when errors occur, check the option If errors occur during the execution of this backup task, send a notification e-mail to, and enter the e-mail address to which you want the notifications to be sent.

To prevent changes to content or website settings while a backup is being created, check the option Suspend domains until the backup task is completed.

6) Click the button “OK” to save the changes.