Set up Mail Fetching at Gmail

In this documentation, we can check how to set up mail fetching at Gmail.

You maybe thinking why mail fetching since there is email forwarding which is actually very easy to configure. So why Email fetching and why it is better than email forwarding? If you are someone who is getting large number of emails then forwarding these emails to another account such as your personal Gmail account may cause blacklisting. You can avoid such issues by using email fetching because in this method you are actually not forwarding/sending mail to your other account. But you can still use Gmail to check your POP3 accounts.

There are a few limitations when sending your domain’s emails to Gmail using fetching options. It only supports POP3 and no support for IMAP. You can only configure email fetching for 5 emails ID’s per Gmail account. Follow the steps given below to configure Gmail Email Fetching.

1) Login to your Gmail account.

2) Go to the settings icon and click the option ‘Settings’.

3) Make sure your other account has POP access. Then, change your Gmail settings.

4) Go to ‘Accounts and Import’.

5) Click the option ‘Add POP3 mail account you own’ from the section ‘Check mail from other accounts (using POP3)’.

6) Enter the email address of the account to get mail from and click the button ‘Next Step’.

7) Enter the password and port number.

8) Select the suitable option from the list.

9) Click the button ‘Add Account’.

That is how we can set up mail fetching at Gmail. If you are a Hotmail user here is a tutorial to configure email Fetching at Hotmail.

If you need any further help please reach our support department.