SSL Certificate Solution(s) for PARCO

YISolutions, an Managed IT Services Cyber Security Solution company based in Karachi, Pakistan, is proud to announce that PAK-ARAB REFINERY LTD. (PARCO) has selected YISolutions as their Multi Domains & Wild Cart SSL Certificate Solution.

This is the 1st Time, our SSL Certificates Solution selected by PAK-ARAB REFINERY LTD. (PARCO)


Services Provided;

  • Implementation of  Multipal Secure Sockets Layers
  • Ensure related Application security
  • Ensure related Network security
  • Automatic Client Authentication
  • Management of Multipal SSL 
  • Defense against internal / external threats ( covered under SSL )
  • Ensure Compliance


PAK-ARAB REFINERY LTD. (PARCO), is a Joint Venture between the Government of Pakistan (60%) and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (40%), through its Mubadala Investment Company. PARCO’s major business activities are:

Refining, Transportation, Marketing.



YISolutions is a key player in IT Consultancy, Cyber Security and Managed IT Services.

YISolutions was established in 2002-2003 and our Pakistan Registered Office is located in Karachi at Clifton. And our Principle Registered office is located in the US at Herndon.

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