SEO & SMM of Sun Consulting (PVT).Limited

SEO & SMMSummary

Here is the report of SUN Consulting Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Management Services.

At Glance Summary

SEO Summary

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SEO Health

SEO Health Overview

  • We have focused on removing duplicate internal pages.
  • Some pages contained low quality, thin content but the bulk were duplicates.
  • These pages were not giving users any value and were actually bringing down the overall health of the site.

Website Analytics

Organic Users & SEO Positions

SEO Result

  • Top 10 organic keywords are coming from blog posts & SEO in the last month.
  • The same applies to top 5 pages.
  • We advised looking at these organic keywords and seeing if you would like to promote these more heavily in the coming month to increase organic traffic.

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FaceBook Page Summary