Twitter web client outage forces users to log out, blocks logins

​Twitter is experiencing a worldwide outage affecting their web platform that prompts users to logout and prevents them from accessing tweets.

The outage began at around noon EST and only affects the web/desktop version of Twitter, not the mobile platform.

While attempting to use Twitter, the site may redirect you to and display an error message stating that “Something went wrong, but don’t fret – it’s not your fault. Let’s try again.” 

As you can see from the image below, this page indicates that you are currently logged in to Twitter.

However, as you use the site, Twitter will sometimes indicate that you are not logged in and prompt you to do so.

At 1:42 PM EST, Twitter’s support account tweeted that they have resolved the errors and users can log into the site again.

However, the Twitter status page continues to not show any outages.

Update 9/28/21 1:23 PM EST: Added tweet from Twitter’s support account.
Update 9/28/21 1:45 PM EST: Replaced tweet with resolution message.

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