Website Monitoring & Security for Karachi Neighborhood Improvement Project

Website & Email MonitoringSummary

Here is the services details we provide to Karachi Neighborhood Improvement Project of Website Monitoring & Email Security

At Glance Summary

Website Monitoring

Description Output
Website Monitoring Checked
Hackerproof Checked
Website Scanning Regularly
DDoS Protection Checked
Malware Remediation Checked
24/7 Security & Protection Checked

Email Security

Description Output
Digital Signature Installed
Digitally Signing an email Checked
Encrypting email Checked
Personal Certificates Installed


Monitor websites, web servers and mail servers via status and content checks.

Get an overview via one easy-to-use dashboard for all your websites and web services.

Get detailed insights into check results and notification events with issue history and scheduled reports.

Pre-defined alert settings for immediate start of your website monitoring.

  • Website monitoring check – for site status or content.
  • ICMP Ping – check host response to requests.
  • TCP Port Check – check if a service is listening to connections.
  • Custom Check – HTTP results via your own scripts.

Digital Signatures provide authenticity and integrity to digital messages such as emaildocuments and code distributed via the Internet.

Digital Signatures allow organizations to securely exchange data and improve electronic workflows.

To apply Digital Signatures to messages and files the organisation must hold a valid digital certificate. Digital certificates are issued by GlobalSign.

We are a trusted Certificate Authority and we maintain one of the world’s largest and most trusted Public Key Infrastructures (PKI).